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NBA Fans React To Nick Wright's NBA Player Pyramid

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via OZY

via OZY

One of the most fun things about the NBA for fans is player rankings. Comparing which player is better than the other, or perhaps who is the best player in the league. Putting players in tiers based on ability is something that is done commonly by sports reporters, and one of those reporters has been Nick Wright.

Nick Wright has recently come out with an NBA pyramid, which ranks the top players in the league. While everyone's rankings would be subjective as everyone has a separate opinion, sometimes people just don't agree. Fans reacted to some of Nick Wright's choices for the pyramid and pointed out some choices that they didn't agree with as Nick Wright's positions for some of the players were controversial. But there was also praise for Wright, as he recognized some players that don't usually get attention from fans.

Needless to say, this list was polarizing. Some thought it was good, but a lot of others pointed out inconsistencies with the list itself. The season is almost a quarter of the way done for some teams, and it was a good time to release rankings by Nick Wright. While people may not agree with all of them, the rankings help form our own conclusions on who is located where on their own personal NBA player pyramid.