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NBA Fans React To Russell Westbrook Putting Up His $29.9 Million LA Home For Sale: "Finally, He Is Done With The Lakers."

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While the entire basketball world is anticipating the start of the new NBA season, perhaps no one is more ready for it to begin than Russell Westbrook. The former MVP has endured large amounts of hate and criticism since his move to the Los Angeles Lakers last season. And considering that the team's failures and his own declining stats were the reason for that, he probably wants to rewrite the narrative as soon as possible. 

It was recently reported that Westbrook has listed his house in Brentwood, Los Angeles for sale. He has valued the property at $29.9 million, and the news has caught the eyes of fans across the NBA. For the most part, Westbrook listing the property doesn't mean much, but for many fans who wish to see him leave LA, it was enough to discuss it all over social media. 

NBA Fans Took Shots At Russell Westbrook After News Broke That He Was Listing His LA Home For Sale

Considering that Westbrook has owned the home from before his time with the Lakers, his listing doesn't mean much in terms of his NBA future. But there is a section of fans that cannot help but roast him at every opportunity, so this situation sadly wasn't much different. Although some had some reasonable reactions to the situation as well. 

"With all the bricks that he’s accumulated throughout his stay with the Lakers, he can easily build a new home."

"Finally, he is done with the Lakers."

"That's because he's made enough bricks to build a new one."

"Please tell me that means he's leaving."

"It's not always about basketball, maybe this is a personal/financial decision that benefits him."

"Man don't let the fans and all that noise about your play. That's your city you grew up there brother, just work on your game bro."

"Heading to Miami for sure. 2023 ring will be his."

"The writing is on the wall, and Russell Westbrook already knows this. His time will be up with the Lakers."

"You had a chance to prove everyone is wrong u proved everyone was right."

"So he's leaving then, right?"

"Damn, just let the man live lol."

"He's traded to Utah next week."

"This probably means nothing but Imma act like he leaving anyway."

This is an odd situation for a player like Westbrook to be in. He was beloved in Oklahoma City but has not been able to find a proper home since. He is originally from California though, so the hate from Lakers fans must get irritating. In any case, he will be ready to move on with his game and prove everyone wrong, one way or another.