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NBA Fans React To 'Slim' James Harden: "He Is Ready For The Championship"

NBA Fans React To 'Slim' James Harden: "He Is Ready For The Championship"

James Harden has been in the news over the last couple of years or so for not being in basketball shape. Harden famously showed up overweight towards the end of his time with the Houston Rockets and many point out that his injury issues in recent times are due to Harden not taking care of his body.

That is definitely not the case this offseason though, as we are seeing a change in the former MVP. An image recently started circulating on social media, which shows Harden in great shape, with the season still months away from starting.

NBA fans praised Harden for the change in his approach to doing things as he seems to have his eyes set on finally getting that championship.

"Mann he did good losing weight fr"

"He is ready for the championship"

"Scary… real scary"

"We’re going to see a focused James Harden this season!!"

"Good for him. Maybe he slows down, gets in shape and stays out the club now."

"This is going to be a revenge season. I'm not a fan of his but I can't wait to see him ball out 22-23. I enjoy watching talent do talented things"

"yup hopped right in shape"

"I believe he's gonna ball out this season com n up."

"If Harden is as locked in as he seems…and Joel taking offense to his MVP/First team snub…the #sixers 😳"

"He will have his most team accomplished season since the Thunder."

"Beard boutta win a chip"

"Glad he ain’t out here with a beer belly no more"

"Coming in peakin.💯"

"Chip contenders 🗣"

"Oh this season should be very interesting in the eastern conference 👀"

"s**t we getting prime harden back"

"Scary hours next season"

"Harden still the GOAT. 😎"

"if he’s in shape and on a good hamstring the league is over"

"He need that ring to add to his greatness"

We are seeing him do a lot of things this offseason that he usually doesn't. He took a big pay cut to help the team improve the rest of the roster and on paper; the Sixers do look in really good shape, heading into the 2022-23 campaign.

All of this would be for nothing though if he and the rest of the squad didn't get the job done in the postseason. They have everything set up for them to succeed, and it is time to finally step up and deliver.