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NBA Fans React To The 2022-23 Los Angeles Lakers Roster: 'Bro, That's A 79-3 Team."

NBA Fans React To The 2022-23 Los Angeles Lakers Roster: 'Bro, That's A 79-3 Team."

Since the 1980s, the Los Angeles Lakers have remained one of the most dominant NBA franchises in the league. They have had several amazing NBA superstars wear the iconic Purple and Gold jersey and led the team to immense success.

But since 2010, the Lakers haven't really been very successful. Yes, they won an NBA Championship in 2020 behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis; apart from that, the organization hasn't been successful.

So much so that the team missed the playoffs last season. It was certainly embarrassing for a team to miss the postseason when they had the likes of James, Davis, and Westbrook on the roster.

As a result, the Lakers are doing their best to improve their roster and add some valuable pieces to it. With the 2022-23 NBA season all set to begin soon, the franchise's roster is somewhat ready.

Los Angeles Lakers Roster Ahead Of The 2022-23 NBA Season

Of course, the Lakers might still make a few changes to their team. But after the addition of Dennis Schroder to the roster, most things seem set in stone.

The Lakers roster is full of guards. Some might say they have signed one too many guards, which could be a hint of Russell Westbrook potentially coming off the bench for the team. Anyway, here's what NBA fans think of the current roster of the Lakers:

theseangreen: Play in if they are lucky.

forever__rico3: Damn this roster is ok I guess, we really just gon have to wait and see.

expressyoselfie: Gotta recruit more SUPERSTARS if he wanna win more than just the most scoring of all time award lol #LeGM.

canyon17: Not enough 3-point shooting and need a true center so AD can run the power forward.

takota_laudie: As a Lakers fan overall not thrilled. We’ve got some good pieces, but definitely need to still improve the roster & get Russ to a team he fits better on. As long as LeBron & AD are healthy though I’m a lot more confident they can do well.

afro_taco: This is not even a playoff team! Love the lakers but the west is stacked.

nay_bando: We’re 1 trade away cmon.

lotug_infinite: If the chemistry is right they might get the 5th or 6th seed easy.

jolem24: Great lineup i have no doubt Lebron will reach the playin this time. 😂

strictly_lakersfp: Atleast its young team dis time but as long as westbrook is employed im not watching.

itsmyq__: If they had 2 snipers this would be a deep team.

While fans believe the Lakers have improved their roster compared to last season, it's still not enough. The Western Conference is full of amazing teams.

The Lakers are arguably in need of a few more three-point shooters. Additionally, they need Anthony Davis to stay healthy this season. If that doesn't happen, it will probably be a repeat of last season.