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NBA Fans React To "TheScore" List Of 25 Greatest Players In The Modern Era

LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, James Harden, And Kawhi Leonard Ranked Per Playoff Stats In Their Prime; KD Leads The Group In PPG

Comparing basketball greats is certainly no easy feat. The margins are very close between all-time legends, and it's definitely difficult to build a fully objective list. However, there are many different lists that try to provide great analysis and explanations for the choices made.

The Score has recently created a list of the greatest players in the modern era, since 1996. Their list excluded any players featured in the original top 50 players of all-time list as created by the NBA. Therefore legends such as Shaquille O'Neal and Michael Jordan were omitted. Here is a more detailed explanation of their criteria:

Reminder: players on the original list were ineligible for inclusion - so no Michael Jordan, Shaq, or anyone else who continued to star beyond 1996. Second, players who debuted before 1996 were eligible, but they needed to have made an impact over the last 25 years.

The full list as created by theScore is down below, and it features some legends that are still playing at a high level, such as Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.

25 - Dwight Howard

24 - Gary Payon

23 - Reggie Miller

22 - Anthony Davis

21 - Chris Bosh

20 - Pau Gasol

19 - Russell Westbrook

18 - Carmelo Anthony

17 - Ray Allen

16 - Paul Pierce

15 - Jason Kidd

14 - James Harden

13 - Chris Paul

12 - Allen Iverson

11 - Steve Nash

10 - Kawhi Leonard

9 - Giannis Antetokounmpo 

8 - Dwyane Wade

7 - Dirk Nowitzki

6 - Kevin Garnett

5 - Stephen Curry

4 - Kevin Durant

3 - Tim Duncan

2 - Kobe Bryant

1 - LeBron James

All of these players have been influential over the last 25 years, and every single one of these players is an elite talent. Many thought it was a fair list. However, some fans took issue with the order on this list, citing examples of players who should be ranked lower or higher. Others thought of other players that should have been included, such as Vince Carter.

list 5
list 4
list 3
list 2
list 1

It is a possibility that some of these players will be featured higher on future lists, simply due to them still having some years to play in their careers. It will certainly be interesting to see how a similar list will look after some more players finish their time in the NBA. 

There is no question that with such a limited list, many legends of the game wouldn't be present. Players such as Tracy McGrady and Manu Ginobili didn't make it, even though they're fan-favorite players who were also amazing on the court. That being said, it's definitely hard to cut legends for others. 

No list is going to please every single person either. According to Brian Scalabrine, there will even be outrage at the upcoming 75 greatest players list as done by the NBA itself, so it's natural for most lists to receive some level of scrutiny. There is little doubt that theScore's list is certainly one of the better ones out there though, even if some fans aren't quite happy with the result.