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NBA Fans React To Tim Duncan's Dressing Style: "Those Shoes Ain't 2 Bucks"

NBA Fans React To Tim Duncan's Dressing Style: "Those Shoes Ain't 2 Bucks"

Tim Duncan is widely considered to be the greatest Power Forward to have ever played in the NBA. The Big Fundamental was simply unstoppable for the majority of his career, giving opponents fits on both ends of the court. If there is a reason Duncan isn't spoken about more despite all his achievements, it is that he was arguably the quietest superstar in sports history off the court. 

TD kept to himself, not engaging too much with the media, choosing instead to focus on his game and his family. He was also extremely coachable, a large reason why Head Coach Gregg Popovich was able to run such a tight ship with the San Antonio Spurs. And it paid off, Duncan's career saw 5 championships come to the franchise, and he was the main man for most of them. 

While his demeanor may have been quiet, his clothes certainly didn't need to be. But even with fashion, as it was with his game and his behavior, Duncan was anything but spectacular. Some of his pre-game looks recently went viral again, with fans reacting to the regular jeans and shirt outfits that Duncan used to slap together. 

"Those shoes ain't 2 bucks, smh."

"And still got more rings than Bron and smacked him twice."

"Duncan dress like a social worker/ late 90s inner city school teacher."

"I model my look after the drip god Tim Duncan."

"Bro pulled up in the Thomas Jefferson 76’s."

"Timmy’s dressed like an Animal Planet host in the 3rd outfit."

"Wait I used to dress like that…."

"He look like some nerd studying computer science in the university."

"This should be illegal bruh, man spent $10 on that whole fit."

"Duncan let his game do the talking, he didn't need to say nun else."

Everyone can roast Duncan's outfits as much as they want, while he was in the league, he returned the favor by dominating their favorite teams. The humility Duncan lived his life with despite being one of the biggest stars is almost inspiring. With clothes like this, though, it's unsurprising that even the scout that spotted Tim Duncan initially forgot who he was.