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NBA Fans React To Two Knicks Fans Wearing The Full Uniform Against The Lakers: “Should’ve Gotten The Start Smh.”

NBA Fans React To Two Knicks Fans Wearing The Full Uniform Against The Lakers: “Should’ve Gotten The Start Smh.”

Fans are the lifeline of any sport, and basketball is no different. Moreover, NBA is unarguably the most popular basketball league out there, so its craze is simply sensational. But even in the league, there are a few teams that have a better fanbase than others.

The New York Knicks are certainly one such franchise, where fans are passionate beyond imagination for their team. Sadly, in the modern era, the Knicks have seen little to no success in the NBA.

Despite that, thousands of fans showed up to support their team and similar was the case for the Knicks' fixture against the Los Angeles Lakers. Although it was a Lakers home game, several fans showed up to cheer for their team.

At the end of the game, the Knicks were on the losing end as the game was decided in OT. During the game, two Knicks fans caught the eyes of the rest of the fans across the globe.

The two fans were wearing the full uniform of the New York Knicks and they looked ready to come on the court anytime to help out their team, it seemed.

The video of the two fans went viral and several others reacted to it. Here are some of the best reactions posted by NBA fans from all around the globe on the above-mentioned Instagram reel.

 kidcurrymusic: "Could’ve used them in the 3rd quarter."

aaron.airey7: "Would've put more points than Westbrook."

thetakeover23: "Lebron got offended and had them thrown out 😂😂😂."

haitian_prince_pvtl: "They might as well play lmao."

n.c.buckets: "Should’ve gotten the start smh."

nkryan3: "Say you’re rich without saying you’re rich."

trentleecarroll: "Can’t believe LeBron didn’t have them escorted out."

dauphin_street_general: "Hey look like they are on the set for some movie where a regular guy gets an NBA contract and has to be an eyewitness of a mafia gambling ring and it’s called 'The Tip Off.'"

_niceandflyy: "Knicks fan different bruh then again the whole city of New York is just different 😂."

kinetic__sounds: "This is the only appropriate way to go to the game from now on I said it so it’s so."

josefromthea: "They built like 80s players 😭😭."

ykm7979: "The perfectly attire to a basket game."

Many fans found it hilarious the way that the two fans dressed for the game. Well, it doesn't seem that bad of an idea to show support for your team.

On the other hand, some wondered why didn't LeBron James ask the refs to escort the fans out. After all, he had done that previously against the Indiana Pacers. But that was a different scenario, at least these fans weren't causing any problems for the players.