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NBA Fans React To Video Of Los Angeles Lakers Scrimmaging In Practice: "Oh Brother, Another Season Of Bricks."

lakers scrimmage

The Los Angeles Lakers had a disappointing 2021-22 season, and they were far from the championship-caliber team that many expected them to be at the start of last year. They had injury and chemistry issues throughout the year and were also a poor defensive team.

It is clear that the front office was not satisfied with how the Lakers did, as they have made a number of changes to the roster and hired a new head coach in Darvin Ham. They also signed Dennis Schroder and traded for Patrick Beverley during the offseason as well.

There are many people who believe the Los Angeles Lakers could potentially have a bounce-back season after their struggles last year. Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George even claimed that the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the teams that could give the Clippers a "challenge" next year.

"Obviously, the Warriors, No. 1. The best in the league, rightfully so, defending champions," George said during the Clippers media day, via NBC Sports. "The Lakers are the Lakers, they're going to be a challenge."

Perhaps we will see the Los Angeles Lakers have a better year and make a return to the playoffs. Their roster is definitely good enough for them to do so, but they will have to build chemistry and cohesiveness within the team to avoid the same outcome as last season.

NBA Fans Share Their Feelings About The New-Look Lakers

A recent video of the Los Angeles Lakers scrimmaging in practice surfaced on Twitter, with many fans reacting to the footage. The Lakers notably missed all of their shots in this video, and many fans roasted the team for not being able to score. 

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lakers 7
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Obviously, this footage shows us only one small segment of the practice. It is quite likely that the Los Angeles Lakers were doing much better offensively outside of this clip. They will likely be much better than what is shown in this video by the time the season rolls around.

There is no doubt that the Los Angeles Lakers are a team that has a high ceiling, especially if LeBron James and Anthony Davis stay healthy for the majority of the season. The team will notably be running their offense through Anthony Davis this year, and it will be interesting to see how the star big man does as the No. 1 option on the team. Hopefully, we see the team find success, and there is a chance that they will end up making a deep run if they reach the postseason.