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NBA Fans Respond To ESPN's Brutal Graphic Comparing The Lakers And Clippers

(Credit: NBA on ESPN/@ESPNNBA)

(Credit: NBA on ESPN/@ESPNNBA)

For the 160th time in NBA history, L.A.'s two powerhouses, the Lakers and Clippers, faced off against each other on the world's biggest stage. Without their two best players, the Lakers lost this battle, succumbing to their rival with a final score of 104-86.

Still, it's what happened before the game's final buzzer that has everyone talking -- a specific graphic made by everyone's favorite network, ESPN.

We all know the history behind these clubs, and how truly different both franchises are from each other. The Lakers, who are (arguably) basketball's most successful franchise, have a long and glamorous record of existence, headlined by superstars, mega fans, and 17 Championships. The Clippers haven't been as lucky, and have instead spent most of their existence fighting for relevancy in a league that has never really taken them seriously.

Well, as the final buzzer sounded on today's game, the past of these squads was once again put on full display, with ESPN displaying a rather brutal graphic detailing just how far behind the Clips really are in the grand scheme of things.

Naturally, fans from all over responded with varying degrees of emotion.

By all means, ESPN did not do anything wrong by telling us the facts, even if it rubs some folk the wrong way. The truth of the matter is, the Lakers have always been the better organization, and until the Clippers start adding titles to their resume, they'll always be seen as the inferior team.

Needless to say, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have the chance to begin to change that this season. We'll see soon enough whether or not they're successful.