NBA Fans Respond To Which NBA Player Needs This Giant Hoop: 'Jimmy Butler This Year Shooting 21%'

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(via TW/theassociation)

(via TW/theassociation)

NBA fans are always ready to joke around and when they find the perfect way to do it, they won't stop. The NBA community can be very toxic, as we recently saw with Wesley Matthews but they can be a lot of fun while addressing other topics. In recent hours, somebody shared a video on Twitter showing a big hoop, something very strange, and they asked people what NBA player needs that hoop.

Fans didn't take long to show up and they delivered a lot of responses to that question, mostly talking about Ben Simmons, Shaquille O'Neal, and the Los Angeles Lakers. Even Matthews' name was dropped by somebody.

We have always had very bad shooters in the league and although this could be a huge solution for some of them, that's just not going to happen. Ben Simmons was the subject of most of the jokes given his struggles with the 3-pointers and Jimmy Butler's numbers have never been the best from beyond the arc.

NBA fans had a lot of things to say about this some of them were really accurate. It'll be good if some of the players named by fans improve their shooting or if they will have to try to make the league get this hoop and make life easier for them.