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NBA Fans Roast Chris Paul By Posting An Image Of Him, Stephen Curry, And Isiah Thomas: "6 Rings In One Photo."

NBA Fans Roast Chris Paul By Posting An Image Of Him, Stephen Curry, And Isiah Thomas: "6 Rings In One Photo."

Playing the point guard is arguably one of the toughest jobs in the NBA. A point guard is required to do a lot of things on the court. From making sure that the game is running smoothly to scoring points himself, these are all the responsibilities of an elite point guard.

Speaking of that category, the Phoenix Suns star Chris Paul definitely falls in that category. He is most widely known for his ability to create points for his teammates. But when it's required, he can shift gears and score points himself as well.

Throughout his career in the league, CP3 has achieved a lot of accolades. He is surely a future Basketball Hall of Famer. But even in his amazing resume, one important thing is missing, and it's an NBA Championship.

Chris Paul Gets Trolled For Not Winning An NBA Title

Paul turned 37 years old this season but still played a crucial role in helping the Phoenix Suns get to the playoffs. As for the last season, CP3 and co. made it to the NBA Finals, but the veteran point guard still couldn't win an NBA title.

With his career's end in sight, the inability to win an NBA title has always been a huge subject of discussion among fans.

In the above-mentioned tweet, a picture of Paul alongside Stephen Curry and Isiah Thomas has been tweeted by a meme account. The context of the joke is obviously that this picture contains a total of six rings, but CP3 hasn't contributed to any of them. Most NBA fans didn't let go of this opportunity and used it to roast the veteran guard.

Being a good player isn't enough to get respect from NBA fans. Most fans will discredit a player's legacy if the player in question has failed to win an NBA Championship.

But at the end of the day, CP3 still remains one of the best pure point guards to ever play in the NBA. If he can win a ring before his career is over, it will be the final piece to the puzzle, and CP3 will establish himself as one of the greatest point guards ever.