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NBA Fans Roast Russell Westbrook After One Of The Worst Bank Shots Ever: "He Saw Three Rims And Picked The One Above The Shot Clock"

NBA Fans Roast Russell Westbrook After One Of The Worst Bank Shots Ever: "He Saw Three Rims And Picked The One Above The Shot Clock"

Russell Westbrook has been under the spotlight this season. Westbrook was brought to the Los Angeles Lakers to be their third superstar alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. But so far, it has been a mixed bag. Russ has performed well but has had poor moments. 

One such moment occurred last night, during the game against the Houston Rockets. Russ took the ball close to the circle and took a bank shot. It was a horrible shot, missing the bucket entirely and hitting the top of the backboard. The shot was a perfect indicator of Russ' weakness as a shooter. 

NBA fans reacted to these comments on Reddit, mostly making fun of Westbrook for his poor shot. One comment even referenced LeBron James' comments after he made a clutch shot against the Golden State Warriors. 

He saw three rims and picked the one above the shot clock

Choked on my spit

He called shotclock

Bestbrook and Worstbrook in the same game lmao

For real. He’s 2 for 2 on pull up 3’s. Yet he’s had probably 3 or 4 of just worst plays of the year this game.

Edit: make that 4 or 5 after the missed dunk.

I'm dying at the guys in the front row who jump up with their arms up like Russ missing a dunk was the play they came to see.

I'm dying at how f*cking high that ball instantly shot up that the camera guy lost it

Also the bank shot off the top of the backboard and the strip and dunk in the first quarter.

Something something if you can't handle me at my Worstbrook you don't deserve me at my Bestbrook.

Yeah I'm good, I'd rather have No Brook lol, at times like these you appreciate that your co-star doesn't all.....ever.....even layups/dunks....or even play......fml

When the Bestbrook shoots, the Worstbrook misses. When the Bestbrook rebounds the Worstbrook dishes. The dimes that he dishes wriggle like fishes and go down the drain and break all the dishes.

Shot the rockets back into the game

He then hits a three pointer before the end of the 3rd. The full Russ experience in just 1 min lmao


I mean it happens every game at this point

How you go from this to hitting a 3 right after???

You do not understand the inner machinations of the enigma Russell Westbrook

i dont understand how a veteran GUARD in the league since 2008 can have such a dogshit stroke

Westbrook will not be too upset about the game overall, given that he had a 24-point triple-double, and helped the Lakers beat his former team. But he had yet another moment to forget when he had a really odd turnover against the Rockets.

Going forward, Westbrook will want to improve his performances, as he has been criticized a great deal over the last few games. But if his performance against the Rockets can be a starting point, then all Westbrook has to do is reduce his turnovers and take better jump shots.

Westbrook himself doesn't think that he has been playing badly, saying that he has been performing well enough. Clearly, fans don't agree, and want him to play better. We'll see if these performances from Westbrook improve.