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NBA Fans Slam Russell Westbrook After His Lakers Debut: “He Can Make Me A House With Those Bricks”

NBA Fans Slam Russell Westbrook After His Lakers Debut: “He Can Make Me A House With Those Bricks”

Russell Westbrook finally made his debut for the Los Angeles Lakers today against the Golden State Warriors. Led by Stephen Curry, the Warriors managed to register a win on opening night. 

It was a great outing for the Dubs, but for the Lakers? They want to forget this fixture. Although the margin of defeat was just seven points, the performance from their new signing must have disappointed many. Yes, we are talking about Westbrook.

Brodie joining the Lakers has made the team the instant favorite to win it all this season. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. If anything, the Lakers are looking out of sync when Russ is on the floor.

His stat line for the game proves the point that how much he is struggling to get adjusted to his new life. According to ESPN, he had just 8 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists. Furthermore, he was 4-13 from the field and failed to knock down even a single three-pointer. 

To make things worse, he committed four turnovers as well. Lastly, he had a plus/minus of -23 against the Warriors. 

Instagram page Spark Sports posted a graphic with Russ' stats on it. They captioned it with, "Forgettable debut for the Brodie 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🧱"

Below the post, many NBA fans trolled Brodie for his underwhelming performance. Here are some of the best reactions to the post.

masoneads: "At least he has a future in the construction industry once he retires."

aaron.c04: "He can make me a house with those bricks."

koko.kemba: "This shit isn’t 2K, you need spacing in your half court offense to be a successful team. Lakers would have been better off with Buddy Hield, but yall ain’t ready for that conversation."

_dylanjones25: "Russ shot better than curry. This such a casual post. Y’all stay making these narratives, then come back 2 months later and say he’s overhated just like Paul George."

willb02: "Lookin like play off Ben Simmons w those numbers."

jpsuta: "Keep that same energy in a couple months 🤣"

_klaynation_: "Westbrick strikes again."

gabe_ploeger15: "I genuinely don’t understand why people hate this man so much. If Curry had a trash game you wouldn’t have heard a damn word. People can’t help but hate Westbrook for no reason and when he succeeds it gets overlooked and he’s called overrated. It’s actually insane. It’s 1 game people, give it time. But even if he starts to do good no one will mention it like they do when he plays bad 🤷‍♂️"

easymoneysnipur: "Should’ve gotten lowry."

d_bertrand850: "He’s not great for chemistry."

ja_quane: "Welcome to the Westbrook experience lakers fans."

keepitcleandetail84: "This team gonna struggle early...too many big headed players😂"

dark_dreamz__: "Y'all acting like this is bad."

disowned_her: "Bro really out here tryna build a mansion." "For real, guys like Harden seem to get ignored but I’d argue he deserves the type of hate Westbrook receives."

_dylanjones25: "Russ shot better numbers than curry did. Stfu u casual"

shane_bresnahan: "I do agree with you and don’t think adding Russ really made them better but that’s too much of a reaction after one game."

offsprvte: "Westbrook really stood there & chucked 3s 😭"

__andre_torres__: "Give him some time. He needs to find his place"

ken.arutyunyan: "Caruso > Westbrook"

To be honest, Russ received a lot of hatred after just a single game for the Los Angeles Lakers. There is no need to overreact to his performance. Russ might still need a few more weeks to adjust his game.

Once that happens, it is quite plausible that the Lakers go on a winning streak. After all, they are still the favorites to represent the Western Conference in the 2022 NBA Finals.