NBA Fans Start To Call The League 'National Bron Association' After Lakers Complaints On Free Throws

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NBA Fans Start To Call The League 'National Bron Association' After Lakers Complaints On Free Throws

The NBA community isn't happy about the officiating in the last game of the Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets. Following Game 3, the Lakers reached out to the league to complain about LeBron James 'not getting enough free throws' something that raised a lot of eyebrows around the league. To make things worse, the referees had a different treatment for him on Game 4, which made things worse.

To put things in perspective, LeBron James had 14 free throw attempts on Thursday night while Anthony Davis had 12. The Nuggets only had 23 during the game.

“We’re dealing with the fouls through the proper channels with the league,” Frank Vogel told reporters. “I think he’s gone to the basket very aggressively, and I’ll just leave it at that.”

Now NBA fans have started to call the league 'National Bron Association' based on how things changed for the Lakers and James from one game to another. The internet is now flooded with these types of comments about Bron and the league's front office and how they favor some teams over others. Following Game 4, Mike Malone said he'd try to 'use the proper channels to get more foul calls,' and seeing how things have gone for the purple and gold, he should do it. Nobody is saying they're doing something wrong, but these things make you thing and the NBA community isn't one that will shut when they see something suspicious. During Game 4, some controversial calls took place on both end of the floor, but most of them favored the Lakers, which made all of this worse.

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One would imagine things will be normal in Game 5, but if not, fans will be quick to call out whoever they need to call out if they feel the refs favored one team or the other.