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NBA Fans Troll Ben Simmons After He Fails Throwing A Fish Into A Lake

NBA Fans Troll Ben Simmons After He Fails Throwing A Fish Into A Lake

NBA fans can be the most supportive fans in the world or the worst, depending on what you do. They don't miss a chance to troll somebody and this time Ben Simmons suffered that after a video of him fishing went viral on social media. Every NBA fan knows Simmons still has to work on his game, especially his jump shot. That helped people to troll him on Saturday afternoon.

The Philadelphia 76ers point guard was fishing but instead of getting all the attention to his fishing talents, people found out he still needs to work on his shooting abilities. Besides his jump shot, fans discover Simmons' fish-throwing form is also up for debate.

After he caught a fish in an Orlando lake on Saturday, he had trouble throwing the fish back into the lake with his left hand.

Of course, NBA Twitter didn't let him go with it and the jokes didn't take too long.

Simmons has had troubles with his shooting abilities that when he made 3-pointers in the preseason and during this campaign, the media covered it like he won the MVP or something. To put things in perspective, he needed 171 career games before he sank a shot from beyond the arc.

He has stated he won't attempt 3-pointers until he knows he can make them constantly. We don't know when that will happen but first, he will focus on his fish-throwing form.