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NBA Fans Troll Damian Lillard: Consistency Is Key

NBA Fans Troll Damian Lillard: Consistency Is Key

Even though Damian Lillard is one of the hardest workers in the NBA, he has struggled to find success with the Portland Trail Blazers. Every season he gets better, makes big plays, and tries to help his team succeed in the association but things don't click for him.

He hasn't been lucky with his squad or individually, only winning the Rookie of the Year award in 2013, showing signs of how great he could be in the league. Well, eight years after that, Dame hasn't won any other individual award and the Blazers only got to the Western Conference Finals once, in 2019, when the Golden State Warriors swept them. NBA fans are ruthless when they troll Lillard and recently, they went after his consistency.

Hoops Nation recently shared a pic of Dame with one of the biggest challenges on the internet, explaining how it started and how it's going. The thing is, that Dame didn't suffer any change on his list of accolades, and that opened the door for the trolls, who didn't have mercy with him. Some fans went after him and others explained that he's practically alone in Portland and had to face big competition in his career.

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Lillard is one of the best players in the league, no doubt about it. He has always stated he wants to remain loyal to his team and you don't see him sending confusing messages about his future. Ring chasing is not for him and that's his curse; while other players join another star to have an easier path to the championship, Dame tries to go as far as he can with the tools he has at the Moda Center.

That hasn't worked for him so far but he's not changing his strategy. He was linked with the Los Angeles Lakers and more teams in the past, but Lillard wasn't having any of that. And to think that he was close to being selected by the Warriors in the 2012 draft. That would have made things a lot easier for him and the Dubs.