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NBA Fans Troll Jordan Clarkson For Wearing A Skirt To The Jazz-Sixers Game: "This Is Worst Than Kyle Kuzma's Outfit"

NBA Fans Troll Jordan Clarkson For Wearing A Skirt To The Jazz-Sixers game: "This Is Worst Than Kyle Kuzma's Outfit"

Sometimes, NBA players surprise fans with their outfits, with some being more ambitious than others. We're living in a society where clothes don't belong to any specific gender and our favorite stars are well aware of that. 

Back in September, Russell Westbrook started a big controversy after wearing a skirt in public, which earned him a lot of jokes and criticism. A couple of weeks ago, Kyle Kuzma was criticized for wearing an extra-large pink sweater that even made LeBron James give his opinion on the matter. 

Yesterday, it was Jordan Clarkson's turn to surprise everybody, as he wore a skirt to the Utah Jazz-Philadelphia 76ers game at Wells Fargo Center. To be fair, the outfit looked good, but not everybody thought the same when they saw it. 

NBA fans took to Twitter to make jokes about the skirt, comparing it to Russell Westbrook's and Kyle Kuzma's sweater. 

It doesn't seem like Clarkson paid a lot of attention to that. He did look good and confident with his outfit, which is the only thing that should matter. In the end, the Jazz took the win in front of the Sixers, dominating them with a 118-96 final result. 

Clarkson finished the game with 11 points and 4 rebounds, having a discreet night on the offensive end. 

The shooting guard has never been shy and he's always expressed himself both on and off the court. A couple of weeks ago, a kid dressed as him, reminding fans of that child who imitated Allen Iverson during his time with the Philadelphia 76ers. 

The Jazz keep rolling this season, ranking 3rd in the Western Conference with an 18-7 record. They're still trying to catch up and surpass the Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns, but it looks like they are one level below the top teams in the West.