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NBA Fans Troll Max Kellerman After Andre Iguodala Misses Game-Tying 3-Pointer

NBA Fans Troll Max Kellerman After Andre Iguodala Misses Game-Tying 3-Pointer

With 2.2 seconds left on the clock, the Golden State Warriors needed a three to tie the game against the Denver Nuggets at 89-89 and send the contest to overtime. The ball found its way into the hands of Andre Iguodala who launched a shot with space in front of him. 

But to the disappointment of Warriors fans everywhere and a certain Mr. Max Kellerman, Iggy didn't even manage to hit the rim. The game ended 89-86 and gave the victory to Denver on Tuesday. 

This isn't an uncommon occurrence as shots in high-pressure situations like this often lead to misses but NBA fans were quick to pounce on this one. Thanks to an assertion from Max Kellerman some years ago on ESPN that of all the players in the world, he would want Iguodala to be the man to take the high-stakes shot. 

Kellerman had said on ESPN's First Take in 2019:

“Of everyone on Golden State, open shot, fate of the universe on the line, the martians have the deah beam pointed at Earth, you better hit it… I want Iguodala."

“That’s right. And I know what that sounds like and it’s not fair to Steph because so much defensive attention is paid to him. And I’m not saying Steph’s not a better shooter, he’s a way better shooter. But, Iguodala’s got ice water in his veins."

Sports fans have a long memory though, and NBA lovers on Reddit were quick to poke fun at Kellerman's quote, here's a look at some of the best comments.

CP3_for_MVP: "Iguodala gets all net on the game-tying attempt and dooms the earth to a fiery death."

JDragon: "I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords."

Kal-Kent: "Max Kellerman has doomed the world."

eugenetheyakuza: "Max Kellerman is probably crying and throwing up right now."

spiderpig: "Iguodala being the one to airball the game tying shot is basically a wet dream for Nuggets fans and a nightmare for Kellerman."

JaDamian: "That death beam really hurts."

AsstroKnot: "Fate of the Universe wasn’t on the line everyone calm down."


youblewwit: "Fate of the universe wasn't on the line, Max Kellerman still right."

Lagiar: "Max in shambles earth in crumbles."

Of course, Iguodala himself had later acknowledged to Kellerman that his praise was misplaced, but that's never been something that has stopped fans from ripping a person to shreds when their poor takes are exposed!