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NBA Fans Trying To Figure Out What LeBron James And Anthony Davis Are Talking About: "LeCoach Teaching Anthony Davis How To Stay Healthy"

NBA Fans Trying To Figure Out What LeBron James And Anthony Davis Are Talking About: "LeCoach Teaching Anthony Davis How To Stay Healthy"

After registering an amazing victory against the Brooklyn Nets in their last fixture, it's the same old story for the Los Angeles Lakers. They were completely outplayed by the Philadelphia 76ers in their most recent fixture.

Many already guessed such a result since their superstar LeBron James was sidelined for this fixture. LeBron sat out the game due to a sore knee, but even without him, they had the likes of Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook playing in the fixture.

When the game was over, the score stood at 105-87 in favor of the 76ers. Despite being out of the lineup for this fixture, James was still present on the sideline to cheer for his teammates.

In fact, towards the end of the game, LeBron even turned into 'LeCoach' as he was caught on camera talking to Anthony Davis. At the point, the purple and gold were down 88-66. So the outcome of the fixture was all but decided.

Upon seeing this video, there was only one question in the head of NBA Fans: what was James talking to Davis about? Considering the two players had their masks up, it is impossible to decipher the chat. But fans still gave their best to guess what the star duo was talking about, with a hilarious touch.

bagupry: "He trynna explain how to stay healthy."

t_thattruth_: "Idk probably basketball."

itsme.ssshhh: "Wht team they sending Westbrook to."

instachewgo: "'When you go up for a lay up, try not to get hurt' -Lebron 'I can’t' -AD."

dburuato94: "You see how good we looked at the start of the season. . Now look what happened when you gone, lets stay healthy for next year bro.”

3e3etter2mro: "LeBron: why u always getting leHurt?"

calvingeorge: "If you go over there you won’t get injured."

stillstimmy: "Why do people assume it’s a high level conversation? 😂😂."

sethsasser: "This one is a little out there but maybe basketball?? just a guess."

vincentluanle: "Bruh they probably just discussing a play that happened. Y’all find any reason to post the Lakers losing."

steezbabycrazy: "Bron going back to Miami."

angelguerrero248: "Lebron Was Telling AD you finna get Traded 😂😂."

While some set of fans made up entire conversations between the two Lakers superstars, few believed that the post wasn't even worth posting. As the two players might have just been discussing a play, nothing more, nothing less.

Well, as mentioned earlier, we can only guess what the conversation might have been about. Unless LeBron and AD themselves reveal what the conversation was about.