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NBA Fans Unknowingly Vote Stephen Curry As A Better Player Than Magic Johnson

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Stephen Curry has been nothing but great in the last couple of years, taking his Golden State Warriors to be the last dynasty the NBA has seen, playing in the last five NBA Finals, winning three of them. Curry’s career has been on the rise since he made it to the league, improving his level season after season, becoming the massive superstar he is right now.

As usual, when a player is doing great, comparisons take place whether we like them or not, and given Curry’s marvelous career, some people put him at the same level of the greatest playmakers in the game. Some even comparing him to Magic Johnson. Moreover, there have been others who actually consider Curry as the greatest of all time in his position, surpassing the Hall of Famer.

Although many would say there is no comparison between these two monsters, stats say something different. Andrew Bailey of Bleacher Report took a blind comparison poll this week, in which the numbers from Curry's last six seasons beat Magic's six-year peak:

Furthermore, when Bailey used career numbers, things got a little closer, but Curry still had an advantage over the Laker legend:

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, numbers don't matter if you were unable to translate that into individual and collective awards, something these two guys have done in a great way.

First off, Curry is a six-time All-Star, has made six All-NBA teams, won two MVPs, won three titles and one scoring title. Having just 10 total seasons in the league, you can tell he’s done it just great.

However, he’s facing a monster here, who even though saw his career shortened, made sure to win everything he could while he was able to do so. Magic is a 12-time All-Star, 10-time All-NBA selection, three-time MVP, four-time assist champ, five-time NBA champion, and three-time Finals MVP. Just to make a little difference between Curry and Johnson, Magic actually won three Finals MVP, an awarded that’s been elusive for the Warriors star.

Yet, some prizes are subjective, they are voted upon and Curry still has time to get close to Magic and maybe surpass him.

Contrary to what many would think, the point guard GOAT debate is closer than we think. Perhaps it won’t be too long until we see Curry overtaking Magic and claiming the crown as the best point guard ever. As for now, Magic Johnson remains as the best in his position in NBA history.