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NBA Fans Want The Brooklyn Nets To Fire Steve Nash: "He Is A Good Player But He's Not A Good Head Coach"

NBA Fans Want From Brooklyn Nets To Fire Steve Nash

The Brooklyn Nets suffered a shock loss to the Memphis Grizzlies last night. Ja Morant had an incredible performance against the Nets and helped the Grizzlies defeat the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Center. The Nets were not up to the mark last night, and some fans want a personnel change.

A lot of Nets fans took to Twitter after the game and noted that they wanted Steve Nash fired from the head coach position for the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets have been good, but underwhelming given how much talent he has at his disposal. Clearly, Nets fans have had enough after this latest loss.

It appears as though fans of the Brooklyn Nets have run out of patience with Nash. His hiring in 2020 was a contentious call, as many fans felt that he was being assessed for his greatness as a player, rather than his credibility as a coach. Nash had no experience when he was named the head coach for the Nets.

And that lack of experience was made up for when the Nets hired former Rockets head coach, and Nash's head coach with the Phoenix Suns, Mike D'Antoni. But D'Antoni's departure from the Nets this season has highlighted his deficiencies as a coach, despite the overwhelming quality of players he has.

While Kevin Durant and James Harden have helped win the Nets a lot of games, fans are starting to see that Nash's inexperience as a head coach is starting to hamper them, and will serve as a problem down the line, especially in the playoffs. 

Kyrie Irving is set to return for the Nets tomorrow night, and he will be playing as a part-time player. This move has been criticized, given how Kyrie's anti-vaccine stance has been affecting the team as it made them lose their third All-Star. But Nash may see Irving as his savior if Irving can help them get some more wins.