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NBA First-Round Playoff Schedule 2017: Everything You Need to Know

Thomas B. Shea - USA TODAY Sports

Thomas B. Shea - USA TODAY Sports

After the Clippers win over Sacramento Wednesday night, all eight playoff matchups have been confirmed and scheduled by the NBA.

Wednesday was a hectic night, especially for the seventh, eighth and ninth positions in the East, with 7 playoff positions being decided on the final day of the season.

It started off with the Boston Celtics claiming the top spot in the East for the first time since 2011, with the Cavs losing to Toronto, gifting the number one seed to the C's.

Following that game, the Bulls, Heat and Pacers cluster was ironed out, with all three teams winning their critical games, but Miami unfortunately fell out of the top eight due to a tiebreaker with Chicago.

The final issue to be resolved was who had home court advantage between the Clippers and Jazz in their first-round matchup. The Jazz scraped by the Spurs, but Los Angeles clinched Game 1 at Staples with a win over the Kings.

The NBA playoffs begin with four games on Saturday. Here is the complete first-round schedule. All times Eastern.

Eastern Conference

No. 1 Boston Celtics vs. No. 8 Chicago Bulls

Game 1: Sunday at Boston, 6:30 p.m. (TNT)
Game 2: at Boston
Game 3: at Chicago
Game 4: at Chicago
Game 5*: at Boston
Game 6*: at Chicago
Game 7*: at Boston

No. 2 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. No. 7 Indiana Pacers

Game 1: Saturday at Cleveland, 3 p.m. (ABC)
Game 2: at Cleveland
Game 3: at Indiana
Game 4: at Indiana
Game 5*: at Cleveland
Game 6*: at Indiana
Game 7*: at Cleveland

No. 3 Toronto Raptors vs. No. 6 Milwaukee Bucks

Game 1: Saturday at Toronto, 5:30 p.m. (ESPN)
Game 2: at Toronto
Game 3: at Milwaukee
Game 4: at Milwaukee
Game 5*: at Toronto
Game 6*: at Milwaukee
Game 7*: at Toronto

No. 4 Washington Wizards vs. No. 5 Atlanta Hawks

Game 1: Sunday at Washington, 1 p.m. (TNT)
Game 2: at Washington
Game 3: at Atlanta
Game 4: at Atlanta
Game 5*: at Washington
Game 6*: at Atlanta
Game 7*: at Washington

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Western Conference

No. 1 Golden State Warriors vs. No. 8 Portland Trail Blazers

Game 1: Sunday at Golden State, 3:30 p.m. (ABC)
Game 2: at Golden State
Game 3: at Portland
Game 4: at Portland
Game 5*: at Golden State
Game 6*: at Portland
Game 7*: at Golden State

No. 2 San Antonio Spurs vs. No. 7 Memphis Grizzlies

Game 1: Saturday at San Antonio, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Game 2: at San Antonio
Game 3: at Memphis
Game 4: at Memphis
Game 5*: at San Antonio
Game 6*: at Memphis
Game 7*: at San Antonio

No. 3 Houston Rockets vs. No. 6 Oklahoma City Thunder

Game 1: Sunday at Houston, 9 p.m. (TNT)
Game 2: at Houston
Game 3: at Oklahoma City
Game 4: at Oklahoma City
Game 5*: at Houston
Game 6*: at Oklahoma City
Game 7*: at Houston

No. 4 Los Angeles Clippers vs. No. 5 Utah Jazz

Game 1: Saturday at Los Angeles, 10:30 p.m. (ESPN)
Game 2: TBD
Game 3: TBD
Game 4: TBD
Game 5*: TBD
Game 6*: TBD
Game 7*: TBD

*if necessary


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