NBA Free Agency: 5 Best Destinations For Joakim Noah

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Joakim Noah has just been released from the New York Knicks, leaving him without a team. The out of form big man is still a highly talented defender when up and running and still has plenty of years left in him. We’ve picked out five teams that we think would suit Joakim Noah and benefit that team in the long run.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are the greatest team in the competition right now, chasing their third championship in a row so obviously, there’s appeal from Noah’s side of things to join Golden State. There’s no reason why they can’t add Noah to that list because last season they had JaVale McGee and Nick Young.

The main talent of the Warriors super team are Curry, Thompson and Durant and neither of these three play the same role that Noah would in Golden State. If he was able to return to some solid form, he would be an excellent defender to come off the bench during games.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers have plenty of talent and have made many deals this latest offseason including securing the great LeBron James. There’s certainly a very talked about the infamous history between Noah and LeBron but after Lance Stephenson was traded to the Lakers this offseason too, anything is possible.

If the two can bond not only off the court but also on it, Los Angeles might be the right play for Noah, he certainly can hype up the crowd with his hustle and defensive plays.

Houston Rockets

The Rockets are in a very powerful position right now, just one win away from an NBA Finals appearance last season after the Warriors defeated them in Game 7 of the Western Conference Final. The one thing that they do lack is quality big men, this puts the Rockets at a disadvantage when they come up against sides like the Warriors who now have DeMarcus Cousins.

Joakim Noah could easily slide into a starting position (Capela as Power Forward) in Houston and play a very handy defensive role that could help turn the Rockets into a championship team.

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder have already revealed earlier this year that they had interest in Noah if he was to be removed from the Knicks. Although his best form may be behind him, it could be a smart move for the Thunder to pick up Noah for frontcourt depth, knowing that the franchise has a big chance of going deep in the postseason.

The atmosphere with Joakim Noah on the court for the Thunder would be absolutely electric. Just imagine a lineup with Westbrook and Noah together, fans would enjoy intensity on both ends of the court.

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San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs currently have Pau Gasol and Jakob Poelti as their two centers, so it would be ideal for the franchise to look for a player such as Noah to have multiple options to go to.

It may be a risk because of Noah’s poor recent form but it could be a risk worth taking considering that the Spurs are in desperate need for more depth for their frontcourt.