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NBA Free Agency: Kawhi Leonard Reveals Plans For This Offseason

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

The NBA Draft is upon us and when the big night ends, we get ready to enter one of the most exciting parts of the season, the free agency. One of the most intriguing questions of the upcoming agent market involved the recently-crowned NBA Champion and Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and his future, either as part of the Toronto Raptors or playing with a different organization.

Kawhi will be one of the most coveted players heading into the free agency, but that doesn’t mean every team that attempts to make a run for him has a bit of a chance to actually land the small forward. There are reports of the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks are following the player closely, while the Raptors are trying their best to keep the player within their roster.

There is a huge question mark surrounding Kawhi and everybody wants to know what he’s thinking and what he’s going to do. In fact, during the championship parade, Leonard was asked about his plans for free agency and, true to his style, he didn’t give too much information.

"I'm going to take the right time," Leonard told Ian Harrison of the Associated Press. "You don't need too many days to figure it out. We'll see what happens. Once that time comes, then we'll all lay the pros and cons out."

If the Klaw decides to stay with Toronto, they will have a huge chance to become a dynasty, especially knowing how wounded will be the Golden State Warriors next season and that not many teams in the East or the West can actually put pressure on the Raptors. On the other hand, if he goes elsewhere, the team he chooses next in his career will become instant contender, either is the Knicks, Lakers or even Clippers.