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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Kyrie Irving Narrows Down Options To Nets And Lakers

NBA Free Agency Rumors: Kyrie Irving Narrows Down Options To Nets And Lakers

Once the Boston Celtics bowed out of the 2019 NBA playoffs against the Milwaukee Bucks, almost everyone realizes that this would be the last we see of Kyrie Irving in green. It looks almost certain that once the off-season hits, Kyrie will be looking elsewhere to continue his career.

According to Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher, Irving’s free agency options have been narrowed down to just two, the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers. Recently, Bucher appeared on ‘The Herd with Colin Cowherd’ where he spoke about the rumors involving Kyrie.

The latest that I've heard is that it's between Brooklyn and the Lakers. And I've heard that the Lakers and Kobe Bryant - now Kobe told me, or indicated to me, that he was not involved. That he was, ‘Hey, that's their deal. I'm not part of it.' But I was told in the last 24 hours, Kobe has been busy recruiting Kyrie, in particular, to try to get him to the Lakers.

Now, everything that I've heard, I would still expect that Kyrie is going to Brooklyn - that's the odds-on favorite. And if we're going to continue (to break down) real estate, he just bought a place in South Orange (New Jersey).

It sure would be a huge story if Kyrie was to join back up with LeBron James at the Lakers after the way it all went down in Cleveland. The Lakers have been searching for that second big-name player to playing alongside the four-time MVP but have so far failed to secure one. This would be a massive signing and something that could turn this team into a playoffs side and maybe a possible contender.

The Celtics will still do whatever they can to tempt Kyrie into staying in Boston but it certainly looks very unlikely.

The NBA free agency is set to begin on the 30th of June, shortly after that, we will hopefully know where Kyrie Irving will be playing next season.