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NBA Has ‘No Interest’ In Changing Logo To Kobe Bryant

(via archyde)

(via archyde)

The death of Kobe Bryant has many making the case that the league should change its logo to honor the fallen NBA star. With thousands of names already signed on a nation-wide petition, fans clearly want to see the Mamba become the new face of the NBA.

Unfortunately, it seems the association isn't nearly as fond of the idea.

(via Yahoo Sports)

Start with this: The NBA won’t even officially acknowledge that its current logo, which has been used since 1969, is based on former Lakers star Jerry West. This despite the fact that the logo’s designer, Alan Siegel, has often said he used a picture of West as the inspiration for the design.

Doesn’t matter. The NBA has never said its logo features a specific player.

The reasoning behind this line of thinking is that the NBA doesn't want to single out just one player when there have been multiple who have impacted the game since its inception.

The NBA has never expressed any interest in that change. Again, it has nothing to do with Jordan. It has to do with picking anyone.

Sources familiar with the league’s thinking said there is no interest in having an individual player as its logo because there are so many who have been instrumental in the growth of the game and the NBA. Generic is better.

The league is going with generic over individuality. If they chose Kobe as the logo, what does that say to guys like Wilt, Jordan, or other retired stars?

Alas, the dream of having a Bryant-themed logo will likely just have to remain in our dreams.