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NBA Impersonator Challenges Kyrie Irving To A Boxing Match After Being Called Out By The Player: "Do Not Disrespect My Ancestors Or My Indigenous Culture With Your Gesture"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving has been challenged to a boxing match by an NBA impersonator after calling him out on social media. The point guard and his teammate Kevin Durant were selected as the players to be impersonated by internet sensation "Maxisnicee" but the final result didn't sit well with Kyrie.

They shared a video with in-game plays that were cool but there was this one about the pre-game routine for each player that wasn't liked by the 2016 NBA champion. While Durant's impersonator was taking shots, you could see Kyrie, impersonated by Maxisnicee, burning a piece of paper, mocking the moment Kyrie burned sage before a game against the Boston Celtics in NBA preseason.

Well, that was the one video that didn't sit well with Kyrie and the player took to social media to make it clear he doesn't like people making fun of his culture and his ancestors.

“I respect your comedy, but tell your ignorant counterpart @maxisnicee do not disrespect my ancestors or indigenous cultures with his gestures. It’s sacred to us Natives to burn sage and it’s a remembrance of the people who died to preserve our customs," he wrote on Instagram.

After that, Max reacted and challenged Irving to a boxing match, something common for NBA players nowadays, apparently. He shared a couple of Instagram posts calling out Irving and asking him to set the fight.

Moreover, the impersonator took to Twitter to defend his name, making it clear that he has nothing but love for Kyrie and it's been like that since always. However, the player didn't like the video and that was it for him.

Kyrie has been involved in a series of controversies this season but he seems to be getting things back on track, trying to lead the Brooklyn Nets to the championship alongside Kevin Durant and James Harden. It won't be easy but as long as these guys are locked in, the Nets will have a big chance to win the title this campaign.

It's unclear if Kyrie will respond to Max in the coming days but one thing is certain: he wasn't happy with the way he was portrayed in the video and definitely not happy with someone mocking his culture.