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NBA Insider Bobby Marks Suggests New Schedule For The NBA Season

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

As the Coronavirus continues its rampage around the U.S., the NBA and it's personnel continue to wait until an opportunity to bring the game back.

In the wake of a league-wide suspension, nobody quite knows how things will play out or how it will affect the timeline of play in the weeks and months to come. But ESPN NBA Insider Bobby Marks has an idea on how the league can restructure its timeline going forward.

Marks is suggesting pushing back the season to extend into August. The start of the next season would begin on Christmas Day, leaving free-agency, the Draft, and the "summer" league to begin in September.

It's certainly an interesting proposition, and one the league may be forced to consider if the coronavirus pandemic continues its surge around the world. With no clear answer on when this thing will end, or when the league can resume its activities, we may see them cancel this season altogether.

But what do you think about the changed NBA timeline? Is it something that works, or should the NBA not steer away from their current timing?