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NBA Insider David Aldridge On The Wizards: "It’s Clear To Anyone Paying Attention That Your Two Star Players Don’t Want To Play With Each Other Anymore."

(via USA Today)

(via USA Today)

The Washington Wizards are optimistic that the return of John Wall this season will help launch their team back into the conversation in the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately, it seems not even the return of their star point guard can fix what's wrong with this club.

In reports that surfaced earlier this week, Wall has made it clear he wants out of D.C., and his deteriorating relationship with Bradley Beal was recently exposed by league insider David Aldridge.

There has been no public statement by either Beal or Wall expressing their desire to leave. Both are locked-in with the Wizards for at least a few years.

And while the duo has years of experience co-starring together, make no mistake: this is Beal's team now. After emerging as an NBA All-Star last year, amid Wall's injury recovery, the Wizards took their focus off of Wall and began building around his younger, sharpshooting teammate instead -- something he apparently found quite shocking.

In the end, it was this "betrayal" that likely played a hand in Wall's request to leave. But his relationship with Beal, which now seems rocky (at best), is likely what started the beginning of the end for their partnership.