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NBA Insider On James Harden Reporting Timeline With The 76ers "It's Something The League Should Look Into. It Was Unfair To The Brooklyn Nets."

James Harden

James Harden played a little dirty to get himself out of Brooklyn. In the days and weeks leading up to his departure, he made subtle gestures to let the team know he was ready to move on until he basically quit on the team entirely.

His first order of business in Philly was giving the Nets one last slap in the face on the way out. Per NBA rules, all players who are traded in a deal have to pass a physical before they can take the court for their new teams. Because of a delay by Harden to get his done, it ruled out Andre Drummond and Seth Curry for Brooklyn's game against Miami, which ended up being the team's 11th straight loss.

On the YES Network Brooklyn Nets Post Game show, Frank Isola called out Harden for his timing and pushed the league to investigate the situation.

Remember, Day'Ron Sharpe has 5 fouls. Andre Drummond would be in the game at some point. You are looking for shooting on the court, Seth Curry would be in the game.

They passed the physical tonight.

There was a loophole. James Harden had 48 hours to report, even though the press releases and the deal is done, he still has to pass the physical.

I think that Philadelphia, a little gamesmanship, knowing that if James Harden doesn't show up that Andre Drummond and Seth Curry cannot play tonight. I think it's unfortunate, because there is a time now in the league where a lot of guys don't play.

What I find frustrating, and I think Steve Nash would find frustrating and Andre Drummond and Seth Curry.

You have two guys in Miami who were down there, who want to play and they can't play because James Harden is taking his sweet time to report to Philadelphia and he was the guy who missed 5 of his last 7 games with the Nets. It's something the league should look into. It was unfair to the Brooklyn Nets. It was unfair to Andre Drummond and Seth Curry that they could not play tonight.

As unfortunate and unfair as it is that Harden kept Curry and Drummond from competing on Saturday, it's unlikely that the league will recognize any foul play. The rulebook gives all players 48 hours to report to their new teams, and James met that criteria.

Still, the outrage shows what Nets fans are feeling towards Harden right now. After such a swift and dramatic exit, it left a sour taste in everyone's mouths.

Let's just hope that the two teams meet in the playoffs so they can settle the score once and for all.