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NBA Insider Reveals League Figures Don't Expect A Lockout Because Of CBA Talks: "So Much Revenue Is At Stake..."

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Adam Silver

The NBA CBA is an agreement formed between the NBA and the NBPA that sets the rules for certain things in the league, such as trades and player contracts. The current CBA expires at the end of the 2024-25 season.

It was recently revealed that the NBA and the NBPA are currently engaged in negotiations for the next CBA, with an adjustment to the age eligibility for the NBA Draft already being agreed upon.

"The league and NBPA are expected to agree on moving the age eligibility for the NBA Draft from 19 years old to 18, clearing the way for the return of high school players who want to make the leap to the NBA, per sources with knowledge of the discussions.

"The reduced age limit for high school-to-NBA jumps would go into effect as early as the 2024 NBA Draft."

There have been some people who have suggested that there will be a lockout as the two sides negotiate the new CBA. However, it seems as though that may not be the case.

Jake Fischer Says League Figures Don't Believe There'll Be A Lockout

NBA Insider Jake Fischer has recently claimed that every single "league figure" that he has spoken to has been "very confident" that the NBA and the NBPA will end up working out a deal.

On CBA talks: I saw a ton of public discourse this summer bracing for a possible lockout. But so much revenue is at stake for the NBA, teams, players, each league figure w/ knowledge of situation I've spoken to recently, they're all very confident deal terms will be hashed out.

There are also some players who believe that a lockout won't be happening. Kevin Durant has notably stated that "the league is in a great place", and that he doesn't believe "there will be a lockout".

Kevin Durant: Fans and media want a lockout but I don’t see one happening. S**t going too well, but who really knows, right?

I think the league is in a great place, I don’t believe there will be a lockout but who really knows.

Obviously, things are doing well for the league currently, and it is quite likely that the governors are happy with the revenue coming from their teams. It makes sense if things are going well on the business end, the governors will be less inclined to deal with a lockout. 

Hopefully, we see the NBA and the NBPA agree on a CBA that works well for both parties. Based on this report, it is quite likely that a new CBA will get done without a lockout, which is good news for all fans of the league.