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NBA Insider Reveals The Potential Problems For Kevin Durant's Trade: “The Heat Don’t Have A Ton Of Tradable Assets, The Suns’ Package Is Unappealing Without A Three or Four Team Deal.”

NBA Insider Reveals The Potential Problems For Kevin Durant's Trade: “The Heat Don’t Have A Ton Of Tradable Assets, The Suns’ Package Is Unappealing Without A Three or Four Team Deal.”

Back in 2016, Kevin Durant shook the entire league when he decided to join the Golden State Warriors. Until then, the Slim Reaper had spent his entire career with the Oklahoma City Thunder, but he had enough. He was tired of being unable to win NBA Championships despite all his efforts.

Most already expected Durant to leave OKC that summer. But what they didn't expect was KD will join the team which had the best statistical regular season record in NBA history last season.

Yes, Durant decided to take his talents to the 73-9 GSW in order to finally win an NBA Championship in his career. Six years later, Kevin Durant has once again shocked the entire NBA community.

After leaving the Warriors in 2019, KD decided to team up with Kyrie Irving this time and signed with the Brooklyn Nets via sign-and-trade. But his stint with the Nets has been anything but good.

As a result, after signing a contract extension last offseason, Durant has already requested a trade out of the Nets. And the 2x NBA champion seems to be keen on joining either the Phoenix Suns or the Miami Heat.

Yes, the 33-year-old has named the first seeds from the Western and Eastern Conference as his preferred destination. However, it seems the Nets aren't liking any offers that they have heard so far and could drag this trade saga till the NBA training camp.

NBA insider Brian Lewis of the New York Post provided further insights on the matter in his recent article. He explained the potential problem for Kevin Durant's trade in detail.

Via New York Post:

That might be less than ideal. It might also well be posturing because if the Nets can’t get their new Big 3 to actually buy in, it behooves them for teams to believe in their resolve. And nobody can really picture the basketball-obsessed Durant holding out or refusing to play like Ben Simmons did in Philadelphia.

It’s unclear exactly what conversations the Nets have had with Durant and Irving on the topic in recent days. Brooklyn has fielded a host of calls in regard to Durant, but just tepid interest in Irving with the Lakers seemingly the only viable suitor.

While there is still no confirmation about what KD and Kyrie talked about, one NBA insider believes that Irving played a crucial role in driving Durant out of the Nets. On top of that, having an underwhelming season certainly didn't help the Nets' case to convince KD to stay.

Miami and Phoenix are Durant’s preferred destinations. But the Heat don’t have a ton of tradeable assets, the Suns’ package is unappealing without a three- or four-team deal and Toronto — which most people around the league say has the best package to offer — is reportedly balking at including Scottie Barnes. 

With tons of offers for Durant, but none they couldn’t refuse and no rush to move him, the Nets are putting out the vibe that they could bring the forward (and maybe even Irving) into camp and see if all parties can make this work. Or if not, all play nice until a world-beating trade proposal is made.

The Nets are tackling two tough situations together. Of course, they have the leverage when it comes to KD's trade request, unfortunately, that isn't the case with Kyrie. He is on his last year of the deal and could every well just force his way out.

One potential way for them to do this is to trade Kyrie to the Lakers and get it over with. But taking on Russ' huge contract is not a wise move surely, right?

The Lakers are desperate to move Russell Westbrook and his gargantuan $47 million contract for Irving, but are hesitating to include the multiple draft picks the Nets would want for taking on all that money.

“I know the Nets absolutely do not want to trade Joe under any scenario,” a league source familiar with Brooklyn’s thinking told The Post. “But there are just thousands of different ways this can play out.”

One is trying to drum up interest in Irving from the likes of Philadelphia or Dallas. Another is including Irving in a multi-team deal. Another is replacing him with Seth Curry in any Irving-Westbrook swap.

But after the Nets re-signed Patty Mills for two years, $14.2 million, and used not only a first-round pick but also a trade exception to bring in 3-and-D type Royce O’Neale, it bears watching what they do with Harris.

All things considered, the next few weeks are very crucial for the Nets. The way they deal with KD and Kyrie will most certainly serve as a pillar of how their franchise will play in the future.

After all, the Nets currently do not have enough picks to build through the NBA Draft. They have already exhausted them when they traded for James Harden from the Houston Rockets.

Either way, whatever the case, this is one of the most exciting times in the offseason. Will Kevin Durant get his wishes? Or will the Nets force him to stay with them? We will find out very soon.