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NBA Insider Says The Los Angeles Lakers Will 'Waste A Year Of LeBron James' If They Bring Back Russell Westbrook

NBA Insider Believes LeBron James Has No Intention Of Running It Back With Russell Westbrook: "LeBron's Seen Enough"

The Los Angeles Lakers were a hot mess last season. After a campaign where two of their superstars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, missed time, the Lakers thought adding a new superstar would be a great option for the team. Enter Russell Westbrook. Giving up a bunch of their important rotational players and first-round draft picks, the Lakers took the gamble and added the former MVP.

A season later and a 33-49 record to show for paints a clear picture. With no clear structure and players like Bron and AD continuing to miss time with injuries, the Lakers, who were touted to be one of the favorites last season, looked like a lottery team on some occasions. After a dreadful 2021-22 season, it is only natural that the Lakers are in the center of the rumor mill right now.

Despite all the ongoing rumors, no deal has materialized so far, and some reports have even suggested that the Purple and Gold might run it back next season. This has especially been the case ever since the appointment of Darvin Ham, who has publicly claimed that Westbrook is in the Lakers' plan next season.

While this move has not been the most popular among fans, NBA insider Ryen Russillo thinks that the Lakers might be making a grave mistake if they stick with Russ next season. (3:49 onwards)

"Westbrook, coming back in any version that you think he's coming back in with the Lakers is worse than him not playing. That's how bad of a fit he is with the Lakers."

"If you come back with Westbrook, you're wasting a year of LeBron, and maybe you're wasting one of his two special years left in the league."

"For the Lakers but what I like the least of all the options is pretending you're gonna bring Westbrook back for another season and that it's all going to work out. Westbrook is in the NBA because he was stubborn and he's going to be out of the NBA because he is stubborn."

The Lakers last season did not look like a cohesive unit at all. While the Big 3 of James, Davis, and Westbrook played, the team looked unconvincing. Especially the duo of LeBron and Russ did not work that well. 

Given how questionable of a fit Westbrook was for the Lakers, another Lakers season with the guard will be a lose-lose scenario for both parties. What do you think the Lakers will do?