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NBA Latest News: Larry Sanders joins LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers

Credit: cle_cavs_nation

Credit: cle_cavs_nation

Larry Sanders has agreed on a deal to make NBA return with Cleveland Cavaliers.

More than 10 teams wanted to sign Larry Sanders, but he decided to join LeBron James and the Cavs because he wants to win an NBA title.

After Andrew Bogut injury, Cleveland Cavaliers will have one of the best defenders in the league (when he is in good shape). Now, Cleveland Cavaliers will have Sanders and Thompson, so they can use them if Kevin Love is not available because of the injury.

Deron Williams is here, Larry Sanders is here. Finally, LeBron James is happy with the roster and now he can focus on NBA Playoffs 2017.

What do you think, is that enough to win another championship or the Warriors are still better than the Cavs?


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