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NBA Legend Tracy McGrady Says Bradley Beal 'Would Look Good In A Lakers Uniform'

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Fadeaway World

One of the teams that is struggling at the start of this season are the Washington Wizards. They have lost the stroke they had last season and even their best shooters are struggling behind the arc. To make matters worse their defense has been terrible as well. They are 21st in the league in opposing team FG%, 19th in allowed PPG and 28th in opposing team 3P%.

Their defense should get better when Dwight Howard makes his debut against the Thunder on Friday but they need to start hitting 3s to spread the floor for John Wall to be at his best. Washington has been a fairly unstable franchise for the past decade or so and hasn’t been able to gain much momentum. They’ve had a few good runs but have never looked like they can reach the Finals. It might be time for the Wizards to start looking elsewhere if they are going to be successful.

Bradley Beal is one of the players on the Wizards who is struggling to hit shots right now. If the Wizards can’t right the ship it may be that Beal is traded elsewhere. T-Mac and Brian Windhorst think that Beal would look excellent in a Laker uniform.

“Bradley Beal would look great in a Lakers uniform, because he can shoot the ball” said T-Mac on ESPN’s The Jump. Brian Windhorst agreed with him. “He would actually look amazing next to LeBron.”

The Lakers need knock-down shooters if they are to compete for a title in the next few seasons and Beal is a guy who can do way more than hit 40% from beyond the arc.

Beal is one of the best off-ball scorers in the league, he’s improved as a driver and has become way more aggressive to be way more than just a three-point shooter, also putting a lot of work in defense lately.

His skills could come really handy for several teams needing to add some firepower to their starting 5, and with his prime still to come, he’d definitely be worth the risk of trading a couple assets to get him.

On the other hand, a team that has looked quite good but that still needs a superstar to try and match up against the Rockets, Spurs and Warriors are the Los Angeles Lakers, who got off to a shaky start of the season.

The Lakers’ ceiling is quite high but they’re not likely to take a ‘wait and see’ approach, as Magic Johnson is determined to be aggressive and take this team back to contention in no time, even if that means trading away some young studs.

Los Angeles struck out in both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the offseason, having to settle for several good role players but still needing one more star to help LeBron James carry the load.

Also, the Washington Wizards currently have 6 free agents to be, so you know that team is going to look quite different next season unless they pull together a miracle and find a way to keep their core together.

Having said that, Tracy McGrady suggested that he would look great in a Lakers uniform, and even though that’s not a trade rumor or something that is actually going to happen, it would really make sense for everybody involved.

Washington needs to break its core up and look ahead to the future, the Lakers need to win now and Beal is one of the best off-ball shooters in the league, and a guy that would fit perfectly next to ball-dominant guards like Lonzo, Rondo and even LeBron himself.

So, Los Angeles should really consider making a move at the All-Star, and could even try and lure him by sending away Josh Hart, a future 1st rounder and Kyle Kuzma, even though the ladder is supposed to be a huge part of their future. We’ll have to wait and see, but it would be great to see this happening.