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NBA Media: Cavaliers 'Really Want' RJ Barrett

(via Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

(via Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Despite having the second worst record in the NBA last season, the Cavs fell no further than 5th in the 2019 lottery, losing their chances for Zion or any of the sure-fire superstars that are sure to be picked before the 5th slot.

But will their infatuation for RJ Barrett force them to move up in the draft? According to Steve Kyler, the Cavs are sold on the idea of acquiring Barrett, even if it means trading up to get him.

Shooting guard RJ Barrett would be the perfect asset to pair with Colin Sexton. As a formidable one-two punch, it would vault their rebuild years in advance.

But they would need to move up at least two more spots (probably 3) in the draft to make that move happen. Might send a package including Kevin Love and the #5 pick be enough to sway the Knicks to make a deal?

With plenty of cap-space and Kevin Durant on the way, the Knicks might be keen on trading for another star. If not, Cleveland will have to be content with whoever is left available when their name gets called.