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NBA On TNT Posts Controversial Build-Your-Roster Tweet Where Kevin Durant Is Worth Only $1

Credit: NBA on TNT

Credit: NBA on TNT

The All-Star weekend is upon us and players are already starting to have fun ahead of the biggest weekend of the NBA season. Moreover, the media also has time to play games with content related to the big event.

However, there was one tweet from NBA on TNT that raised a lot of eyebrows around the league for the double intentions it could or couldn’t hide.

On Wednesday, TNT tweeted out one of those harmless but fun graphics about how you’d pick a team with a certain point or money restriction. This is a pretty common practice in the league, but in this particular case, there was one thing that really stood out: Kevin Durant listed as just a 1-pointer.

Plenty of fans considered this a disrespect to Durant seeing all the things he’s done on the court and his accolades. For instance, players like Carmelo Anthony and Vince Carter are worth more than KD.

Fans are discussing whether they did it on purpose or not, but there is no doubt that they attracted a lot of people to their controversial tweet.