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NBA Owner Who Voted For Donald Trump: "I'm Worried About Biden's Regulations, I'm Funding As Much As I Can Privately And Confidentially To Get Trump Re-Elected. I Know He's Crazy But He Can Protect Us On The Taxes And Regulations.”

(via Stat)

(via Stat)

With less than a week to go until the polls officially close, we're about to find out the fate of the 2020 Presidential elections. Regardless of what happens in that regard, the NBA will continue to roar on and the basketball scene will likely remain untouched.

However, considering the implications of COVID-19, the protests that transpired in wake of the George Floyd shooting, and the countless players who have spoken out against President Trump and his campaign, it seems much of the NBA world has invested a personal stake in this election -- and many are hoping for change.

Still, it's important to remember that not everyone stands on the same side, politically speaking, and people have their own reasons for justifying one over the other -- like one anonymous NBA owner, who explained why he voted for red on the ballot this year, despite it not being a popular decision by most in the basketball community.

(via ESPN)

"Listen," the owner mused, "I'm so worried about Biden's regulations, so I'm funding as much as I can privately and confidentially to get Trump reelected. I know he's crazy, and I hope Democrats take the House and the Senate, but then Trump can block stuff and protect us on the taxes and regulation."

For context, the statement came after the source was asked if owners make donations privately to avoid backlash from players, staffers, and fans.

"There's no question," the source said.

"The overwhelming majority of sports team owners are Republicans. And they are very concerned about taxes, obviously, and regulation for their businesses."

It should be no surprise that team owners, who are worth billions, are out to protect their own money. So far, President Trump has done a decent job, in their eyes, avoiding policies that might hurt their pockets.

Whoever the person is, they are right to fear the reaction from the NBA community, as most have been, very aggressively, anti-Trump since he took office in 2016. LeBron James, Steph Curry, Steve Kerr, and Gregg Popovich are just a few examples.

But, no matter your feelings on the President, or Joe Biden, it's clear that the folks at the top have a certain financial incentive to keep the status quo, even if they willingly and openly accept he's "crazy."

We'll see before long if they get their wish.