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NBA Players Around The League Show Their Support For League-Wide Boycotts

(via Twitter/Kevin love)

(via Twitter/Kevin love)

In wake of the tragic shooting of Jacob Blake by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, NBA players have taken a stand to make their cries for change heard.

Just minutes ago, the Milwaukee Bucks made NBA History by electing to boycott their game against the Orlando Magic. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski said the team stayed in the locker room as they tried to contact Milwaukee's Attorney General.

It was only moments later that a wave of cancelations saw all other games on the docket be postponed, and a chorus of Tweets by players were sent out by players, who demanded change and supported the decision to sit out the games.

We can expect much more to be said over the next few hours and days. This is an issue that is bigger than basketball.

As for what we can expect going forward, nobody really knows. Things like this never really happen in professional sports and for it to happen now, after all the work the league did in getting the season restarted, puts things in a whole new light of uncertainty.

Regardless, this isn't something that will just go away. In fact, until justice is brought to Jacob Blake's killers, we may never hear the end of it -- and rightfully so.