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NBA Players Had Epic Quotes In Their Yearbooks

NBA Players Had Epic Quotes In Their Yearbooks

Some of the greatest NBA players ever had very curious quotes in their yearbooks. Some of them predicted what was going to happen in their lives while others just showed their crazy personality within a couple of words.

All the stars that you see right now playing to win the Larry O'Brien trophy also were young, full of dreams that they accomplished thanks to the determination they showed during their younger ages. Players like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and more, spent a good time in high school, leaving their mark before becoming superstars.

Today, we're going to take a look at some epic quotes from NBA players' yearbooks.

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As you saw, there are fun things like the LeBron James confusion, JR Smith wilding since he was a teenager, Andrew Wiggins and his curious way to write and Gilbert Arenas being the most likely to be on a Wheaties box.

Moreover, we find players who took things more seriously like Kobe Bryant, who thanked his father for the opportunity to play and live in America while also thanking his friends for all the years they spent together. Dwyane Wade predicted what was going to happen with him in the NBA, as he retired as a top 3 shooting guard of all time and the best player in the Miami Heat history.

On that same tone, Kevin Durant also 'guessed' his future in the NBA and his success as a businessman. Stephen Curry talked about hard work, which is his biggest characteristic, quoting Michael Jordan and the key to be successful at anything you try.

And last, but not least, Kawhi Leonard, who just wrote as only he knows. Leonard went straight to the point, saying he does what he's asked to and nothing else.

All these players were young and had big dreams before making it to the league. That should be an inspiration for anybody trying to do the same.