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NBA Players React To Adrian Wojnarowski's Suspension

NBA Players React To Adrian Wojnarowski's Suspension

Adrian Wojnarowski has been one of the most famous names around the NBA world in recent hours but not for the best reasons. The NBA insider emailed a US Senator, saying 'f--- you' after the Senator asked the NBA why they didn't allow messages supporting the troops and the police on their jerseys.

Woj didn't handle the situation the best way and dropped the F-bomb. The Missouri Senator Josh Hawley showed the messages on Twitter, calling out ESPN and Wojnarowski. After the reporter apologized, ESPN issued a statement showing their disagreement with Wojnarowski's words, stating they would talk to him about his words.

“Adrian Wojnarowski has been suspended by ESPN for sending ‘f–k you’ in response to an email from Missouri senator Josh Hawley about the NBA and China, sources tell Outkick,” Ryan Glasspiegel reported on Saturday night.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post confirmed the news on Saturday night.

After that, the NBA community started to send messages supporting Woj, creating the hashtag '#FreeWoj' on Twitter. Even NBA players like LeBron James, Enes Kanter, Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams sent messages to Woj, asking ESPN to change their stance on this matter.

NBA fans joined the players and they sent their support to Woj, recalling all the times he showed he's one of the most accurate insiders in the entire NBA.

As he admitted, Woj didn't act the right way when he sent that email. He knows it and ESPN, too. It was a private email and he apologized. Still, the decision has been made and it looks unlikely that ESPN will change it.