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NBA Players' Reactions To The Food They Get In Orlando

Credit: IG/trezz24

Credit: IG/trezz24

The NBA announced its plans to return action and given all the details they provided after the initial announcement, everybody was excited to see how they were going to take care of players and staff once they made it to Orlando. Everything sounded good until the first players landed at the bubble and showed the food they were getting.

Players like Joel Embiid complained about all the weight he was going to lose after having his first meal at Walt Disney World. All these players are used to eating at expensive restaurants so the chance wasn't easy for them. A couple of them didn't complain about the food but a big part of them wasn't happy with their meals.

Others players reacted different to the food they were given, like Meyers Leonard or Enes Kanter. Even Ja Morant stated that 'he wasn't born with a silver spoon' so the food was good for him.

That was the 48-hour quarantine food, according to reports, but most comments weren't good at all.

Most people weren't having it either for the look, the amount, or the taste. Hopefully, the league will improve that and give the players better meals. Fans have questioned them, remembering that people are starving to death and they should be more grateful for the things they have.