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NBA Players Recall Who Was The First Player To 'Bust Their A--'

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

No matter who you are or what a great defender you are, there will always be somebody that will cook you on the court. NBA players know that very well and they have plenty of stories to tell about getting their ass whooped on the hardwoods.

The Players Tribune’s ‘Knuckleheads’ podcast has seen current and former NBA stars and one of their most recurrent questions is ‘who was the first player to bust your ass?’ That’s a very interesting question and they got even more interesting answers. They collected some of the best responses and they’re great.

Starting from Gary Payton, who said the GOAT Michael Jordan was the first player to cook him on the court. Baron Davis told how embarrassed he was when he faced John Stockton while Allen Iverson recalled he was crying after he faced Kevin Johnson.

Kemba Walker remembered Deron Williams did him dirty and to make things worse, his mother was watching that game. Wilson Chandler mentioned that game when Kobe dropped 61 on the Knicks at the Garden. Jimmy Butler said Kevin Durant welcomed him to the league the first time they faced on the court, while KD said for him, that player was Carmelo Anthony.

Kyrie Irving admitted Jose Calderon gave him ‘26 and 14’ and Dwyane Wade named Baron Davis, explaining BD ‘used to tear him up’.

This is something that will continue happening in the league, but it’s always good to know our favorite players and idols admitting they got a big welcome in the NBA. Even good defenders like Butler and Payton got ripped during his first days.