NBA Releases Preseason Schedule, Will Start With Lakers Vs. Clippers

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(via FOX 11 Los Angeles)

(via FOX 11 Los Angeles)

Amazingly, NBA basketball is less than a month away.

After a lot of planning, maneuvering, and meetings, the NBA has announced its official schedule for the preseason, a less important but still highly anticipated time of the year.

Starting with an LA vs LA matchup in night one, it will span until December 19th, when it is set to end three days before the real season begins.

The Lakers vs Clippers have two games against each other in the span of eight days. Clearly, that's a narrative the league will continue to push.

Still, as usual, you shouldn't expect any of the big-time players to get tons of minutes. The preseason is more of a time to gear into shape, build some chemistry, and shake off some rust before the real action begins. Still, it'll be our first glimpse of basketball since the Orlando bubble -- and a lot of teams look very different than they did back then.

It's also an exciting reminder that NBA basketball is so close to being here and in a time when so much is going, and many families are having to spend Christmas apart, these games will be a needed and momentary distraction.

The question is, how will things end this time? Will the NBA's LA vs LA matchup finally live up to the hype? Does any team have hope of knocking off the Lakers? Which stars will rise to the occasion?

For now, we're still being kept in the dark about all of that, but it won't be long before we witness it play out before our very eyes.