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NBA Report: Kevin Durant Will Meet With The Knicks This Summer


Since the departure of Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks have long awaited for a star to come to The Big Apple.

Could Kevin Durant be that star?

This summer marks the end of KD’s 4th year with the Warriors. Whether or not he wins a ring, it’s more than fair to say he did what he went there to do. Now, executives think that the 2x Finals MVP will want to rebuild his legacy by proving he can win outside of Oakland.

On the topic of reforging a legacy and re-inventing oneself, there aren’t many places better for it than New York.

And despite a lot of doubts, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski says, at the very least, there will likely be a meeting between the parties this July. Meaning there would have to be some degree of interest on both sides.

Unfortunately, he also does on to say that KD going to the Knicks is still a bit of a long-shot.

“Getting a player like Durant takes years of building up a program, building up an infrastructure, building credibility with what you’re doing and history kind of shows you that it doesn’t get short-circuited by a guy who’s a big free agent,” said Woj in an interview with WFUV, the Fordham Radio Station. “If you're talking about Kevin Durant, some people say he may be the best player in the league.”

“History also tells you that that player usually either stays where he is or he goes somewhere where something’s been established there and has been building toward this. The Knicks may not fit that description.”

Simply put, the Knicks don’t have a plan in place. Besides the big market and Kristaps Porzingis, the team really has nothing to sell.

Why would Durant leave the Warriors or choose the Knicks over some other enticing team when they don’t really even know what they’re doing?

Nevertheless, even with all that being said, KD still apparently plans to hear them out this summer. He’s still giving them a chance, and that’s got to count for something.