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NBA Reportedly Discussing In-Season Tournament With A $1 Million Prize For Each Player

Adam Silver

The NBA is an ever-changing league, and they always finding new ways to maximize their potential, grow earnings, and make things as exciting as possible for the fans.

Just last season, they made the play-in tournament a permanent fixture, essentially spicing up the bottom half of the playoff bracket.

And now, according to The Athletic's Shams Charania, they are in talks to implement an in-season tournament that could reward players with up to $1 million.

It's certainly an interesting idea. While we don't yet know what such a tournament would look like, having some sort of mid-season event like that could really add an exciting new element to the league.

The question is, even with the $1 million prize, would the players get behind it? Some have their doubts.

The play-in tournament has been viewed as a major success, so it's really not surprising that they are considering expanding the idea.

Of course, there are those that aren't as optimistic about the play-in, including Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, who had this to say about it:

"I obviously see the excitement of it. If we would have lost two games, we wouldn’t have been in the playoffs at all. And that’s, that’s a tough pill to swallow. When you’ve been in the top eight for the entire season. You never dropped out of the playoff position. But yet, you know, you can lose two games, and that’s what happened to Golden State, they were at the eighth spot, and then they ended up losing to us and then to Memphis and they didn’t make it in the playoffs. I could see where it’s kind of fun for one game, but I don’t want to diminish what happens in the regular season."

With heightened stakes, more chance for action, and a fresh spin on things, a mid-season tourney could prove to be equally as successful in drawing in fans and increasing interest in the league overall.

But the more that the NBA diminishes regular-season play, the more random and unpredictable things can get.

Adding another tournament would be a risky move, for sure, and only time will tell if the NBA is willing to roll the dice and try it out.