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NBA Reporter Felt Disrespected By Russell Westbrook Checking His Phone While Doing His Postgame Interview

NBA Reporter Felt Disrespected By Russell Westbrook Checking His Phone While Doing His Postgame Interviews

Russell Westbrook had a terrible night both on and off the court on Friday night. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar couldn't get things going against the Minnesota Timberwolves, who beat the Lakers 107-83 at Staples Center. 

After the game was over, the 9x All-Star attended the usual postgame interview, but not everybody was happy with the way Russ behaved while talking to media members. Ryan Ward of Lakers Nation didn't appreciate Westbrook constantly checking his phone while talking with reporters. 

The journalist took to Twitter to express his unhappiness with Brodie's attitude, asking the player to learn manners before talking with reporters. 

Call me crazy, but I think it's just a bit disrespectful to look at your phone during an entire postgame interview, especially after getting blown out. Just me, I guess. Manners. What a concept.

Fans came in Westbrook's defense, arguing that it was his birthday, he had a bad night and it wasn't easy to get reviewed every night. Ward replied to all of them, giving his point of view on this situation. 

Russ can't catch a break on the court and outside. The player hasn't delivered as expected, with fans calling him out for his performances on the floor. Now, one journalist called him out for ignoring reporters. 

It's true that he was celebrating his birthday and was probably getting tons of messages at the moment, but the fastest he responded to the question, the fastest he could get out of that. 

The Lakers are wandering around right now. They don't have an identity this season and fans are growing unhappy with the squad. LeBron James is inactive and Westbrook has failed to step up for the squad. 

They need to get things back on track, or making the play-in tournament will be their biggest achievement this season.