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NBA Rumors: Al Horford Will Not Return To The Boston Celtics

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

Nobody imagined the Celtics' offseason like this. Just two seasons after acquiring Kyrie Irving, he is set to leave the franchise after they sacrificed so much to get him. And now, less than two weeks away from free agency, they are going to lose another vital piece of their core.

The situation went south pretty quickly for Horford and the Celtics. It was reported days ago that he was expected to reach a new 3-year deal with Boston before too long. Now, he is likely to sign a 4-year contract somewhere else.

No doubt, as the Celtics continue to lose stars and depth, they will have to turn to their youngsters Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown to carry the future of the franchise. As for Horford, his next destination is still a mystery. Bearing in mind his latest season (and postseason) with the Celtics, he will have a number of options facing him by July 1st.