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NBA Rumors: Andrew Wiggins And The Golden State Warriors Had 'Preliminary Talks' On Massive Contract Extension

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As it stands, the Golden State Warriors already have a payroll that far surpasses the competition. With millions being handed out to Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, the team has to be picky with who they decide to spend more money on.

Despite some rumors about a potential departure, it seems that Andrew Wiggins is a part of Golden State's long-term future.

In a new piece by The Athletic, Anthony Slater and Marcus Thompson II wrote about the ongoing negotiations between Wiggs and the defending champs. While nothing is imminent, both sides are showing interest in securing some kind of deal.

Of the four eligible, this currently profiles as the extension most likely to get done. The way Wiggins played in the postseason, especially the NBA Finals, made keeping him a priority. There have been some preliminary discussions already, but nothing is imminent, per sources.

Wiggins is entering the final season of his deal before unrestricted free agency. He will make $33.6 million. A 20-percent raise would put the starting salary of a max extension around $40.3 million.

But negotiations wouldn’t begin there. For Wiggins and the Warriors to meet in the same ballpark, all indications are the opening number must start below his max. But how much lower? That’s the larger question that’ll define whether anything gets done.

The Warriors have been in this position before. During the Kevin Durant era, they had to juggle numerous high-paying salaries just to keep the team together, and they are trying to do the same again with some of their new players.

The problem is, there is only so much money to throw around. Jordan Poole, James Wiseman, and Draymond Green are going to cost a pretty penny, much to the chagrin of Joe Lacob and the front office.

But as one of the most successful and widely celebrated teams in modern NBA history, it's hard to argue that the high price isn't worth it for the Warriors.

In the case of Wiggins, he could be one of those guys who carry the team into the next generation -- and from the outside looking in, he appears more than up for the task.