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NBA Rumors: Anthony Davis Already Recruiting Free Agents To Lakers

(via Chicago Bulls Confidential)

(via Chicago Bulls Confidential)

The NBA landscape changed when the Lakers finally completed the deal for Anthony Davis. The price was high and some feelings were hurt, but Rob Pelinka delivered on getting LeBron James some assistance for next season.

But the job is not nearly done. WIth $23+ million in cap space this summer, the team has to continue to fill their roster with either another star or a slew of capable, veteran role-players. As it turns out, Anthony Davis is already doing his part...

(per Ramon Shelburne of ESPN on Hoop Collective podcast)

“Anthony Davis, we don’t know how he is as a recruiter, but I’ve certainly heard that he’s been busy with the text messages and phone calls already. This was what, last Saturday that this went through? So you have two recruiters now. It’s not just LeBron, it’s Anthony Davis, who hasn’t really ever been in a market or situation where his pull mattered, but we’re about to find out, and I think it’s an interesting referendum on who wants to play with LeBron, but also who wants to come play with Anthony Davis and LeBron.”

It seems inevitable now that L.A. will get their guys at some point. With the recruiting efforts or LeBron and Davis, the pull will be strong for available players this summer.

Hopefully, they will put things together on the court as well -- where this revamped Lakers roster will have to build chemistry all over again.